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John moulder brown dating

A porous builder bag filled with autumn leaves and with its handles lashed together also works well.

Remember, you get out only a quarter to a third of what goes into a cage.

Soils bolstered with leaf mould become slowly darker in colour as their humus levels increase.

3 Potting mixer As well as a soil-enhancer, I mainly use leaf mould as part of my home-made and carbon-footprint-free sowing and potting mixes.

Whenever I add fresh material (kitchen scraps, tea-bags, coffee grinds, scrunched card, weeds), I add a handful of leaf mould, too.

It keeps the compost worms happy, and helps produce cracking compost.

5 Wild lives An unexpected benefit of making leaf mould is that you’re also encouraging garden biodiversity.

A few months after filling a cage, I often get a flush of mushrooms over the surface, as the alchemy of decomposition begins.

For small seeds, I pass this already refined mix through my finest eighth-inch (4mm) sieve to give me a seed covering that is akin to breadcrumbs.

My basic mix, which I use for seed sowing and for potting-up plug plants, bulbs and tomatoes, is a mix of three-year-old leaf mould and worm-worked garden compost, both passed through a quarter-inch (6mm) sieve and thoroughly blended.

This works well without any “added extras”, gives impressive growth and rivals the best peat-free composts that I buy in.

The result is a chunky mulch that is ideal for smothering young annual weeds and blocking out light to stop others coming up.

Nothing beats fresh leaf mould as a dark foil for showing off emerging perennials in a border filled with promise, and it works just as effectively around newly planted vegetables, fruit, or on top of containers to help prevent them from drying out.

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Leaf mould helps bind loose, sandy soils and improves their water-holding ability.

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